20 years of helping Kiwis get their money sorted

Latest consumer insights reveal that two decades on Sorted holds strong as a trusted and independent source for Kiwis to turn to for their personal money matters. 

Te Ara Ahunga Ora Retirement Commission surveyed 3000 people from throughout New Zealand about their use of Sorted. The research shows that 89% of respondents see this website as valuable, or very valuable for them and 93% trust the advice provided.  

Today marks 20 years since Sorted.org.nz was first launched to help people make sense of money. The site now attracts more than 1.5 million users annually.   

Sorted is a free service delivered by Te Ara Ahunga Ora, funded by the government, providing an array of information from tackling debt, budgeting, saving and investing, handy guides and calculators for things like KiwiSaver and mortgages, to planning for retirement. Over the years, Sorted has expanded beyond the website to include financial capability programmes for schools, workplaces and communities.

Since it was launched, Sorted has helped tens of thousands of New Zealanders lift their financial capability, empowering them to make more informed decisions about their money, and in a number of cases turn challenging financial situations around.  

Feedback from this most recent round of people surveyed not only highlighted how Sorted has helped improve their finances but also reduced their anxiety about money.  

“10-years-ago, I was a financial shambles up to my eyeballs in consumer debt. I started with Sorted. Now I own a house (with a mortgage, but this is my only debt) and a car, and have savings and diversified investments, a budget, and a long-term plan. So that’s pretty cool. It changed my life.” 

Another said: “It’s the first time I have ever used a budget tool that made sense. I also did a budgeting course run by Sorted. It also helped to reduce my anxiety over my money by showing me I was on track for the future.  Every dollar is pretty much accounted for now.” 
Others commented on how they had used Sorted to save “thousands” on their mortgages, upped their KiwiSaver contributions and calculate impacts from life shocks like job losses and divorces.  
Te Ara Ahunga Ora Retirement Commissioner, Jane Wrightson, says Sorted remains a highly valued source of information to educate people about money.  

“The pandemic has highlighted how quickly things can change and being prepared with a money plan can help shield Kiwis from the impacts. 

“Trusted, accessible information is key. Sorted has provided the resources and tools to help people navigate financial shocks like what we’ve seen from COVID-19, or other life headwinds, as well as get them on track to reach retirement with confidence.  

“Over two decades there have been many people that have nurtured and grown Sorted.  The idea was revolutionary at the outset and it's a testament to all involved that Sorted continues to attract large and engaged audiences. While it has naturally evolved its core purpose has always remained the same – to be a trusted and independent place New Zealanders can go to make sense of money.” 

20 Years of Sorted 

  1. 30 September 2001 the Retirement Commission launched Sorted.org.nz with a nationwide marketing campaign and introduced the ‘Sorted Mouse’ character. 
  2. Sorted is now an entire ecosystem of digital channels; community, schools and workplace programmes and resources – all aimed at lifting financial capability throughout New Zealand. 
  3. The Sorted Mouse disappeared from use from 2017 but made a comeback in 2020 to reassure Kiwis and connect them with latest financial information during the pandemic. He proved so popular, Te Ara Ahunga Ora has now introduced him to users of TikTok, Twitch and other youth platforms adding thousands of new users for Sorted. 
  4. ‘Buying your first home’ is the top guide on Sorted and has had more than 85,000 unique views in the year to September 2021.  
  5. Calculators remain the most popular part of the website for most participants (88%), and the top reason for visiting is to use one of the tools / calculators. 
  6. The most frequently asked question on the site is ‘how do I know if I have enough money to retire? 
  7. This year’s Sorted Money Week campaign included a special partnership with The Chase and reached 28.5% of all people aged 15+ (1.11m people) on average 2.9 times across the week. 
  8. 18% of the 875 questions from Money Week related to investing and 16% were about KiwiSaver. 
  9. 74% of secondary schools and 75% of kura have registered for Sorted in Schools.Te whai hua – kia ora,  
  10. The Sorted at Work programme is delivered to almost 3000 participants in their workplace annually.