A financial glossary of plain English for the finance sector and beyond

What is De-jargoning Money?

It’s no secret that the language of money can be inaccessible, inconsistent and confusing for New Zealanders. De-jargoning Money is the result of the collective effort of some bright and passionate people from across the finance community, and beyond, to work together on demystifying money.

The focus was also on standardising industry language, removing jargon, banishing outdated terms, and trying to avoid the many acronyms. We know that many terms are not readily understood by New Zealanders: this is a chance to reshape and demystify our customer and consumer-facing language.

New De-jargoning money glossary coming soon!


Where will this be used?

This is not intended as a glossary to distribute to consumers. It is a glossary for the industry as a whole to consider embedding consistent language in communications – on websites, in documents, on the front line when talking to customers, or in media when we are explaining personal finance. De-jargoning Money is a tool that provides recommendations for plain English, helping to demystify money for New Zealanders and improving their financial capability. What’s not to like?