A key focus for the 2022 RRIP was housing and the impact it has on retirement for New Zealanders, with particular attention on the experiences of Māori and Pacific Peoples.

Overall research found that home ownership rates are declining due to a lack of affordable housing which has implications for both current and future retirees.

The underlying assumption of NZ Super was that Kiwis would reach retirement age with a mortgage-free house. As this changes, and more New Zealanders work longer to pay off mortgages or rent, the design of NZ Super may need to reflect this.

Long-term many New Zealanders will be renting or paying off mortgages beyond 65 years. By 2048, 40% of retirees will rent, equating to 600,000 people, which will impact New Zealand’s housing landscape creating the need for suitable housing stock as a cohort of older renters reach retirement.