Pepa Kaupapahere Policy Papers

The first Paper considers the implications of the Retirement Commissioner’s Purpose Statement for the Retirement Income System and the second Paper considers how New Zealand Superannuation and KiwiSaver compare to retirement income policies across the OECD.

The third paper in the series provides an introduction to NZ Super and how it operates including eligibility criteria, payments and how they are financed, and details the policy framework and settings.

The fourth paper provides an introduction to KiwiSaver and how it operates, including enrolment and default providers, and policy settings such as pre-65 withdrawals.

The fifth paper considers how the current policies related to NZ Super operate in the context of an increasingly globally mobile population, before, at, and after the age of eligibility. In particular, the paper focuses on two key legislative principles of “resident and present” and “ordinarily resident” that underpin current NZ Super settings.

The sixth paper provides an overview of the pre-age 65 KiwiSaver withdrawal and suspension settings and provides insights into trends in first home and financial hardship withdrawals, as well as savings suspensions over a 12-year period. 

The seventh paper examines what we know about what retirement assets people hold beyond NZ Super and KiwiSaver. The paper collates the information that is available and identifies the data gaps.  

The full papers, some with short summaries to accompany the full paper, are available at the links below.