A financial glossary of plain language for the finance sector and beyond

What is De-jargoning Money?

De-jargoning Money is a financial glossary of plain language for the finance industry and those it serves. It aims to strip away the overly complex language used in financial services to make money terms more accessible to New Zealanders.

De-jargoning Money is the result of the collective effort of many National Strategy for Financial Capability partners. Cross-sector collaboration has taken place over 18 months, including through working groups, industry consultation, customer testing and WriteMark Certification.

Who is this for?

This glossary is for organisations and institutions working across the finance and insurance sectors to use when explaining personal finance on their websites, in documents, on the front line, and in the media.

The glossary covers everything from general terms for everyday banking and spending, lending and loans, insurance and estate planning, investment and KiwiSaver to ethical and sustainable investing.  

While this is not a legally binding document, the more organisations that adopt it, the better off consumers will be.

We’ll seek feedback on it every two years to reflect changes in products, language, and regulations.