Pūrongo mā ngā Kaiwhakahaere Reporting for operators

The complaint reporting portal for October 2023 to March 2024 is now closed.

Help and frequently asked questions

Password, login and set-up issues 

How do I reset my password?

You can reset your password by entering your email into the forgot password page on the portal.

Can you reset my password for me?

No. We cannot reset passwords for Operator Admins due to privacy and security reasons.

You can reset your password by entering your email into the forgot password page on the portal.

Can you set up Reporters for me?

No. The Operator Admin must set up their own reporters in the portal – they can do so by clicking "invite user" button.

There should only be one person using the Operator Admin login for privacy and security reasons.

Can you deactivate Operator Admin/Reporter accounts?

If Operator Admin/Reporter leaves a village, we can deactivate their login. Please email us at rv@retirement.govt.nz. 

I haven't set up an account for the portal. What do I do?

If you are a new Operator Admin who has no prior villages in this portal from a previous Operator Admin then you need to create an account

The account creation process involves these simple steps:

  1. Register by providing basic details.
  2. You'll receive an email to confirm your address and prompt you to set up a password. Once your password is created, you can access the reporting system.
  3. Add a village by using the 'Add village' button, find your village registration number, and save it.
    This step is repeatable for multiple villages but only needs to be done once per village.
  4. After the above steps, your account is ready for filing and submitting village complaints when the reporting period is open.

Once this is done all subsequent reporting will be easy.

We have changed Operator Admins since the last reporting period. How do I change the Operator Admin?

For existing users who have a change of Operator Admin please fill out the following form before doing anything in the portal: Update Operator Admin form.


Submitting a report

How do I submit a complaint?

  1. Collect
    Gather your complaints data.
  2. Create
    Login to the portal and create a new complaint and complete all required fields. Create an entry for each complaint. Update any unresolved complaints from previous reporting periods.
  3. Submit
    Once all complaint data has been added/uploaded, use the Submit report button to finalise your submissions for the reporting period.

If you have no complaints to submit for the reporting period, please submit a 'Nil complaint report. Please note that only Operator Admins have the ability to submit 'Nil reports'.

I have no complaints to file. What do I do?

You are required to login to the portal and submit a nil complaint. You can do this by clicking the "Submit report" button.

Please note that only Operator Admins have the ability to submit 'Nil reports'.


Other helpful information about the portal

Technical issues

If you are having any technical issues simply try logging out and back into the portal, this will resolve any temporary server or network problems; along with refreshing your local client browser. If the problem does persist, please enter your email with a comment into the user feedback widget located bottom left corner of the web page and click send – our tech team will follow up.

Getting emails from the portal 

Sometimes emails can end up in spam. The best way to ensure this doesn't happen to you is to ask your IT support to whitelist our sending address: @retirement.govt.nz


For any general queries, please contact:

Retirement Villages
E/ rv@retirement.govt.nz