How to find a lawyer experienced in retirement village matters

  • Search the New Zealand Law Society database to find an independent specialist lawyer in your area.

  • Use your family lawyer. Ask them what recent experience they have had with retirement village law and current industry issues, as this is a specialist area.

  • Ask residents in the retirement village you like to recommend a suitably experienced lawyer.

  • Ask local support agencies like CAB or Age Concern to help you conduct an internet search or refer you to lawyers they know who specialise in retirement village work.

  • Try searching on Google for key terms such as 'elder law' and then add the specific region you are in, or 'retirement village lawyer' then the area you are in. See what search results appear then investigate what experience they have.

  • Lawlink is a nationwide network of independent law firms with a list of elder law specialists.

Most operators require intending residents to have a valid will and powers of attorney in place before they can become resident.