Finding a registered retirement village

Searching the Retirement Villages Registry

How to find out if any retirement village is registered or see a copy of any registered document

Click here to search for the name of the village on the Companies Office website:

  1. Click 'Search the Retirement Villages Register', then 'Other Registers search'. 

  2. Tick the retirement village registry then enter a word from the name of the village.

  3. If the name of the village appears you can click on it to inspect all the recently registered documents relating to that village including its annual return.

If you are having difficulty searching the registry speak with a call centre advisor on our retirement villages information line on 0800 268 269.

Ask the operator to show you proof that the village is registered and has not had its registration suspended or cancelled.

If the village is a member of the Retirement Villages Association, ask if it has provisional membership or fully accredited membership. The Association only accepts members who satisfy its audit and accreditation requirements, which includes the need to be lawfully registered under the retirement Villages Act 2003.

Find a rest home in your area and download a recent audit report for it

Rest homes are separate operations from retirement villages and subject to different legislative requirements.

Many retirement villages have care facilities co-located on their sites which might include rest home level care, hospital level care or dementia level care.

Click here to find local rest homes and download recent reports on the Ministry of Health website.

Click here to find further information about the different care options and cost implications for retirement village residents.