Money Week 2018

The theme of this year’s Money Week speaks to financial resilience – how prepared are we to weather the financial storms that life throws at us?

Through the 'Weather Life's Storms' campaign from September 3-9, we’ll be asking people to think about three areas they can bolster – an emergency savings account, insurance to cover losses they can’t easily absorb, and making sure they have a will to protect the interests of their loved ones.

Even if people are repaying debt, we recommend they gradually build a buffer savings account of at least $1000, and up to three months wages, to cover emergencies. We know that psychologically, having a buffer account brings greater peace of mind and makes people feel more confident about tackling all areas of their money management.

Insurance can provide peace of mind, providing cover for costs that could throw you into debt. We'll be asking Kiwis to consider what kind of loss would hurt them financially, what they could absorb and what would be better covered by an insurance company.

Around half of New Zealanders do not have a will, and even fewer women. Yet leaving your family without a will can create all sorts of unforeseen problems, including financial issues for your loved ones. We'll get this little talked-of subject out in the open and help Kiwis start planning to help their family weather the storm should the worst happen.

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