Beware of Christmas scams

Christmas Scams

Christmas Scams

Christmas is a time of deals, discounts and prizes, but consumers beware  - some disguise scams. 

CFFC Fraud Education Manager Bronwyn Groot says scammers are out in force at this time of year, wrapping their traps in seasonal messages. 

Examples include emails appearing to come from courier companies, and fake prizes popping up in your social media feed. 

They ask recipients to click on links that could infect their computer or phone with malicious software, and fill in their details and credit card number to ostensibly pay delivery fees. 

Groot says that people are more at risk of falling for scams like this at Christmas.

"We're in a hurry, perhaps expecting parcels to be delivered, and are feeling financially stressed so more motivated to act on offers of giveaways from retailers."

She advises consumers to stop and think if the email or offer is for real.

  • In emails, hover your mouse over links to see if the address that pops up matches that of the sender. 
  • For prize offers, check the company's website. Some, such as Farmers and Countdown, will notify customers of scams and show examples. 

"Instead of thinking about what you could win, think about what you could lose," says Groot. 

"Take your time and have a Christmas safe from scammers."