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Money Week 2022: 8-14 August

Sorted Money Week is the annual public awareness and engagement campaign from Te Ara Ahunga Ora. Aligned to the National Strategy for Financial Capability, the campaign’s purpose is to help demystify money.

The theme ‘Just wondering’ is back for its final year to keep the kōrero going on money questions, encouraging people to talk more openly about money and ask for help. Any money question is a good question.

More than 1800 questions were asked and responded to covering everything from making emergency money plans, how to invest, how KiwiSaver works, buying a home, managing debt to retirement planning.

We encourage all of our National Strategy community, community groups, workplaces, schools and kura to take part in behind Money Week to help New Zealanders understand money better and improve their financial wellbeing.

Just wondering…why?!

For 2022, we’re extending the ‘Just wondering’ theme further to explore the ‘why’ of money questions. Focusing on money values and beliefs, we’ll help Kiwis understand their money mindset and consider some of the underlying reasons behind their financial decision making.

More information and resources to come to support your involvement and participation with Money Week 2022.

If you have any questions on how to get involved, feel free to reach out to