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Money Week 2021

That’s a wrap on Sorted Money Week. Every year the campaign aims to help demystify key money topics, bring them to the forefront and provide an inclusive platform for engagement on a subject matter too often seen as taboo.

The theme ‘Just wondering’ was back for 2021 to keep the kōrero going on money questions and encouraging people to talk more openly about money and ask for help.

More than 870 questions were raised and responded to, covering everything from investing, KiwiSaver, mortgages, retirement planning, saving, insurance, debt, property to budgeting.

It was great to see the range of organisations, community groups and workplaces get in behind Money Week to help New Zealanders understand money better and improve their financial wellbeing.

Sorted Money Week 2021: What Kiwis were wondering.

We have delved deeper into what Kiwis were wondering in this year’s Money Week, analysing the key themes and consumer insights from the campaign to create an informative summary of these findings.

The report features the key themes and prevalent topics from Money Week, along with examples of the questions asked. It gives an aggregate view of what the public’s interest areas were and what they were wanting to know more about which can be useful in informing future campaign and content decisions.

Here are some of the topline results the report identifies: