Free webinar: 7 ways to sort your money now

We would love to provide some support during this unsettling time by offering a FREE 60-minute webinar “7 ways to sort your money now”.

In fact, 90% of people who participated in our last webinar; Navigating COVID-19: Get your money sorted, left the session feeling more hopeful for the future.

This one-hour webinar will provide top tips to stay financially well and includes 7 things anyone can do to sort their finances now. Your people will learn:

  • How to avoid decisions based on fear
  • What financial help is available
  • How to make a crisis money plan
  • What options are available, before taking on more debt
  • How to talk to lenders if they can’t make repayments
  • Things to consider before withdrawing their KiwiSaver
  • How to stay safe from COVID-19 scams.

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