Ngā tatauranga me ngā raraunga Statistics and data

Only 14–18% of employers are actively planning for an ageing workforce

Source: CFFC Ageing Workforce Survey 2018


26% of men and 41% of women under 65 say they have no idea how much money they need for a comfortable retirement

Source: CFFC Financial Capability Barometer 2019


Among those reaching National Superannuation age in the next ten years, the rate of owner occupation is likely to be around 30% lower than their predecessors

Source: CRESA report for the Review of Retirement Income Policies 2019


Kiwisaver withdrawals for financial hardship totalled $107.9m in 2019, up 7% from the year before

Source: FMA


1 in 4 New Zealanders will be 65 or older in 2063

Source: Statistics New Zealand

1 in 4 people aged 65+ are in paid employment

Source: Statistics New Zealand


The median lifespan in New Zealand in 2020 is:
78 years for males, up from 75 in 1999 and 67 in 1949
83 years for females, up from 81 in 1999 and 69 in 1949
80.5 years for all people, up from 77 in 1999 and 68 in 1949

Source: Statistics New Zealand


Special needs grants for food for clients 65+ increased from 10,859 in 2016 to 23,335 in 2019

Source: MSD